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Aims insurance specializes in providing low cost California surety bonds for all industries. California has many surety bond requirements such as Contract and Permit bonds, Court bonds, Erisa Bonds, Fiduciary bonds, and many more. Our surety experts in our business insurance department will listen to your needs to have a deep understanding of your potential areas of liability, and will go above and beyond to meet your Business Insurance needs at the lowest rates.

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Types of Bonds offered:

  • Defective Title Bond
  • Bid Bond
  • CA Car Wash Bond
  • CA Commercial Cannabis License Bond
  • CA Construction Trucking Brokers Bond
  • CA Contractor License Bond
  • CA Contractor’s Bond of Qualifying Individual (13B-2)
  • CA Contractor’s Disciplinary Bond
  • CA Credit Services Organization Bond
  • CA Employment Counseling Service Bond
  • CA Farm Labor Contractor Bond
  • CA Finance Lender Bond
  • CA Foreclosure Consultant Surety Bond
  • CA Immigration Consultant Bond
  • CA Insurance Broker License Bond
  • CA Job Listing Service Bond
  • CA Legal Document Assistant Registration Bond – Individuals
  • CA Legal Document Assistant Registration Bond – Partnerships & Corporations
  • CA LLC Employee/Worker Bond
  • CA Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond
  • CA Notary Bond
  • CA Nurses Registry Bond
  • CA Pension Trust / ERISA Bonds
  • CA Pest Control Company Registration Bond
  • CA Private Insurance Adjuster License Bond
  • CA Professional Photocopier Bond
  • CA Public Insurance Adjuster License Bond
  • CA Talent Agency Bond
  • CA Tax Preparer Surety Bond
  • CA Traffic Violator School License Bond
  • CA Waste Tire Hauler Bond
  • Dentist Medical Device (DMEPOS) Bond
  • Dishonesty & Fidelity Bonds
  • Environmental Contract Bond
  • FMCSA Freight Broker Bond
  • Janitorial Services Bond
  • Judicial Bond
  • Lost Deed of Trust and Note Bond
  • Medicare (DMEPOS) Supplier Bond
  • Payment and Performance Bonds
  • Service Contract Bonds
  • Subcontractor Bond Subdivision Bond /
  • Municipality Developer Bond
  • Supply & Install Contract Bond
  • Supply Contract Bond
  • Union Wage & Welfare Bond
  • Utility Deposit Bond

Why does California require you to get a Surety Bond?

The purpose of a California surety bond is to protect consumers, institutions, and the general public from financial damages resulting from fraud, malpractice, or negligence on behalf of the Principal (the bondholder). The primary goal of a California surety bond is to protect consumers and keep California tax dollars safe. Due to the many protections provided through surety bonding, the State of California requires hundreds of different surety bonds for various industries and state funded construction projects.

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