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Truck Insurance

Aims Insurance is a leader in providing high-quality low-cost trucking insurance for California truckers and trucking companies for over 15 years. We work with the most competitive truck insurance companies in California who have a broad acceptability of vehicles and drivers for trucking and transportation businesses. We offer a wide variety of fully customizable trucking insurance packages including Commercial Auto Liability (Required by FMCSA), Physical Damage, Cargo (including Reefer Breakdown), and more.

We also offer Federal and State MCP65 or DOT filings. Whether you are an owner operator or a business with a fleet of trucks, we have the perfect semi-truck insurance solution that fits the needs of your business no matter what size. We specialize in providing the best insurance policies for both local and long haul trucking companies. Our knowledge of commercial insurance along with Our real-time rate comparison among the nations leading insurance carriers allows us to provide you with the most affordable truck insurance rates in the market. We leverage our experience with the relationships we have built with our carriers and underwriters over the years to be able to provide the lowest premiums and maximize your savings on your truck insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Aims Insurance has been providing low-cost commercial auto insurance designed to suit the unique needs of every business in California for over 15 years. Whether you drive your own car for business or own a fleet of company cars, pickups, or vans, we guarantee to find you the most affordable commercial auto insurance to help your business keep moving forward. Even if you don’t own vehicles, you could still have exposure from employees using their own vehicles for business purposes. Every business is unique and it’s very important to have the best commercial auto insurance coverage that fits its needs. Commercial auto insurance can cover a combination of vehicle types and drivers as it provides bodily injury liability, property damage, medical payments, personal injury protection (PIP) for the driver and passengers while operating a company automobile. We also offer low-cost rideshare insurance. Our knowledge of commercial auto insurance along with Our real-time rate comparison among the nations leading insurance carriers allows us to provide you with the most-affordable commercial auto insurance rates in the market and maximize your savings.

Trucking and Commercial auto insurance is critical for today’s industries. The rate of litigation and claims made against transportation companies and businesses is on the rise, therefore it’s very important to have reliable commercial auto insurance that meets your business needs. Whether you are a small business or a large logistics company, we undoubtedly offer the most affordable commercial auto and trucking insurance solutions for every industry that uses vehicles in their trade.

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Types of Coverages offered:

We offer a wide variety of commercial insurance coverages for trucking and transportation businesses. Here are some to mention:
Commercial Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medical Payments, Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist, Hired Auto, Non Owned Coverage, Non-Trucking Liability, Bobtail Truck Insurance Coverage, Combined Single Limit (CSL), Trailer Interchange Insurance, Rental Reimbursement, Excess Liability Insurance, Trucking Workers Compensation Insurance, Roadside Assistance, and more.

  • Commercial Auto Liability: This coverage is required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and is also the most expensive part of a truckers insurance policy. It Pays for damages that you cause to other people and their property. It normally includes Liability Bodily Injury and Physical Damage Coverage.
  • Physical Damage: This coverage covers the cost of fixing or replacing your truck in cases of accidents, theft, and other comprehensive and collision claims.
  • Cargo Insurance / General Freight (including Reefer Breakdown): This is the coverage for the loss or the damage to the load you are hauling.

Discounts offered:

Our commercial auto insurance experts will work within your budget and look for all available discounts to maximize your savings. We offer discounts such as: CDL discount, Business experience discount, Paid in full discount, and more!

Filings offered:

  • We can also help with both local and long haul trucking to effectively meet their insurance filing requirements – MCP65 or DOT Filings.
  • Some of our carriers also offer these filings : ICC, MCS90, MCP65, TL672, 676, PL914, TL1000, FORM H, OL207, SR22.

Areas of Specialty / Niche Markets:

We specialise in providing low-cost trucking insurance for many industries. These are just a few: Owner-Operators, New Ventures, New Drivers, General Freight, Produce and Grocery Delivery, Furniture Delivery, Moving Business, Building Material Transportation, Car Haulers, Livestock, Commercial Transportation Businesses, Non-emergency Medical Transportation, Cannabis Delivery, Rideshare, Pizza Delivery, and many more!

Type of Trucks and Vehicles accepted:

Semi Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Box Trucks, Tow Trucks, Flatbeds, Dump Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Container Trucks, Car Hauler Trailers, Refrigerated Trucks, Reefer Containers, Front Loaders, Moving Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Cement Mixers, Dirt, Sand and Gravel Trucks, Pump Trucks, Tank Trucks, Car Carriers, Vans, Sedans, Pickup Trucks, and more.

Truck Insurance and Commercial Insurance Costs and Rating Factors:

There are several factors that influence trucking and commercial auto insurance costs such as: Drivers driving history, Vehicle type, Cargo, Operating radius, Business type, Location, USDOT authority, Contractual requirements, Coverages, and more!


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