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What does renters insurance in California Cover?

Even if you are renting a family home or apartment. Unwanted events may arise anytime, anywhere. You may not prevent that. But, you may be able to recover the things that damages in the events. When you buy renters insurance one thought pops up in your mind that what it covers. Here is look for some coverage you get in this to describe that what renters insurance covers. Let’s understand the coverage.

Personal Possessions Coverage – Renters insurance covers personal possessions like computer, furniture, jewelry etc. In case anything goes wrong with your personal belongings such as theft or damaged. Then this insurance will incur all the cost to repair and replace the possessions. Having this will make you able to get the things back and protect you against financial loss.

Personal Liability Coverage –  You get liability coverage in this which covers your liability when you are legally liable for something. For example if someone get injured in your home by slipping on wet floor so that person can sue you for claim and you are liable for this. This coverage is certainly going to incur all expenses and loss of wages of that person. It also covers the property damage of others from accident and negligence acts by you or household members.

Medical Payment Coverage – This coverage covers the medical bills of the person who gets injured at your residence due to your activities or regardless liability. Every kind of medical bills are incurred by this coverage.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage – This is the very useful coverage In case your rented place is damaged due to fire or flood and you are unable to live there. In this scenario your renters insurance will cover the cost of a temporary accommodation until your rented place is repaired.

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